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  • April

Love notes from a Bride!

I have always loved celebrations, weddings, birthdays winter time -- I love all of it (even your birthday). I mean it; I love celebrations so I knew that the event aspect of Kamama Flowers had to be special and meaningful. Having the farmer-florist model resonates with us and continues to grow. As a CSA, or subscription farmer-florist, we are able to tell the bride what we plan to have growing for the season of their wedding.

I love digging into the planning process with brides (and families) to craft their unique vision for their wedding. If we start the process far enough in advance we can grow flowers for her --- which carries so much meaning. I have a fine arts degree and 10 plus years working as a graphic designer so I have the ability to apply principles such as emotion, concept development and art direction to an event. I love how it all comes together!

A love note from a recent bride:

“It was a pleasure and a joy to work with April (Kamama Flowers).  The main reason that we wanted to work with a local farmer for our wedding is that Chris and I both have a commitment to supporting our local farmers.  So much so, that our first date was at a farmers market.  

For me, the most important element of the wedding was the flowers.  I didn't care about my dress (too much) but I did really care about the flowers.  Working with Kamama was a super fun and unique experience.  From the beginning, April and I were sharing ideas via text, email, Pinterest, and she even came by my house to "play wedding" one afternoon.  Playing wedding was what we did to make a fake table scape and put different containers on the table to make sure that the design made sense and was what I was looking for.  

It was an extremely collaborative process which I really liked and April was always transparent with me about the availability of flowers in real time.  When you are working with slow flowers, sometimes the flower you had in mind isn't available because of the growing season.   It's important to be mindful that these products are living and have a life of their own. The final product is more than worth the wait!

The day of our wedding April showed up with her helper and the magic happened.  The flowers and her creativity truly transformed the space and our wedding into the most romantic night of my life... I am still swooning from the wedding and the flowers nearly a month later!!!

Much love,

Christi-Ann married 9/17/16.  xxxoo.”

In closing, I have to say that my words can't express the honor and humility I feel to be the messenger in life’s special moments. It never ceases to amaze me how much flowers mean and how they encapsulate the sweet and short thing we call ‘life’; whether it is a marriage, the honor of someone passing or high school graduation, we love all of the peaks and valleys!