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  • April

We moved the flowers to Sequim, Washington and are settling into life here!

In July we left Portland and started our life in Sequim, Washington. It has been a lot of hard work with new ground, a new community and a new climate. One of the first things we did was cover 1000 square feet in black plastic in order to kill the meadow mix that we will grow our organic flowers on. 

It is a lovely, flat, south-facing acre with minimal rocks. This area used to all be dairy farm land, we are lucky

We enjoyed a lovely wedding season (blog post later) with 4 boutique weddings in gorgeous outdoor settings. Our organic flowers graced beautiful brides this season. 

Summer passed and this week we had the soil tilled to about 6 inches. The soil test results told us that we have a sandy clay loam and need to add lime. That happens this weekend. 

This field will be half peonies and half annuals. We have to amend the soil and let it rest for a while, most likely until spring now. In the mean time I have 50 Peony tubers to plant. I will be putting those gorgeous babes in 5 gallon nursery pots. 

Here I am with some of our peonies that I had carried to my mom in California last spring. 

I'll be writing more nowadays, talk soon. - April